Metal seated ball valve

November 26,2022 / VIEW:2843

SEV Metal seated ball valve is suitable for various harsh working conditions, mainly used for the transportation of high temperature, slurry, dust. It not only has various advantages of general industrial ball valves, but also has unique excellent characteristics in terms of heat resistance, especially in areas where soft seat is impossible to work, such as pipeline high friction dust, slurry and solid impurities. After years of manufacturing experience, SEV metal seated ball valve from the structural design and manufacturing process to ensure the product safety in use, reliable sealing performance, convenient and stable operation.



Design and manufacturing

ASME B16.34/API 6D

Face to face dimension

API 6D/ASME B16.10/Customer requirement

Connection type

Flange ends, BW, SW, NPT, FNPT

Inspection and test

API 598/API 6D/ISO 5208

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